Thursday, April 12, 2012

upon arrival

and always she feared
her God would
be cruel, but
when she got to heaven
she saw Him
in full glory,
not growling at her
after all

'Annemie, here you are now'
He smiles at her
'yes, I am the Lord
your God
the One whom you hunted
down with a vexed heart
of whom you have read
in the sacred text

'please get yourself
a cup of tea
and have some cake
and eat it too'

she could not believe her eyes
but it was Him, and it was true

'Yes, I am still who I am
and you are still you, too'

in tears transcendent
she went to embrace him
and He took her hand,
gently suggesting that
'we still have a whole eternity
in which to chat'

- Annesu de Vos
12 April 2012
Occasional poem for my mother's funeral


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