Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local Tourist Attractions

Gigi's getaway suggestions for visitors to beautiful Canada are here!

For theatre lovers, there is an enticing combination package of theatre and hotel stays that take you out of the city to places of cultural interest in Ontario.

Within Toronto itself, there are always excellent theatre productions. We will feature some of the best shows in individual postings.

Gustav likes to keep late hours too when he hangs with us, so we were delighted to see in Toronto Life magazine that the Mahler 5 is playing, among other things.

In addition to the fact that the Toronto International Film Festival has year-round events planned at the new Bell Lightbox and other venues, there is an astonishing number of exciting film events in the city. For a list, see the helpful City of Toronto guide.

Toronto is restaurant city. It is impossible to publish any definitive exhaustive list of all the beautiful choices in this city for interesting, healthy and exotic things to eat, so we are just putting an appetizer list here, for starters. Some of the better known star attractions are listed on the Top Restaurants site.

The City of Toronto web site has a well organized list of attractions and genereal information of interest about the city.

Peter Ustinov once called Toronto "New York Run by the Swiss." This is a very accurate description of a well managed, clean, well organized, safe and healthy city.

For places to stay, there are wonderful options other than hotels - Toronto has some very nice bed and breakfast locations within the city itself, as well as furnished apartments at competitive rates. We will list more of these in separate postings.

These are the basic facts about Toronto, but to get more out of the city one should know that there are many hidden attractions known to residents that are not regularly featured as tourist attractions, such as extraordinary parks and recreation facilities, culture-specific neighbourhoods with very diverse dining choices, North America's best loved and most frequently used library network, a vast array of community centres in all neighbourhoods, and events of socio-political and cultural interest. The city welcomes entrepreneurs and especially the entertainment industry, with open arms. Toronto is actively seeking new partnerships in the film and television industry and there are excellent tax incentives for filmmakers, both local and international.

Fun facts about the city include the fact that it is the most multicultural city on the planet: more than 50% of its residents are from other countries and more than 100 languages are spoken in the city on a regular basis. That is why it is so nice to be from elsewhere when you are here, because the fact is, most of us are.


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